Working through a Crisis

With all IT projects there are constraints: CHEAP, FAST, GOOD – pick any TWO.

During the last two weeks we have had to help a lot of clients in ways we might not normally do, but it is important to keep businesses functioning.

A good example of this is remote access. There are lots of solutions out there from free to insanely expensive and they all come down to a balance between SECURITY, FUNCTION and COST. With small clients who are not used to a very secured environment the introduction of two-factor authentication takes a bit of getting used to. We have been dealing with this internally for years and in the last year most of the platforms have implemented this. What we have to remember is the practicalities. 

This became clear while on a client site a few months ago when we needed to log into our remote platform to check the status of a clients server. So our usual process is to get out the laptop, finger-print in, then load up or remote tool and log into that. At this point we get an SMS message to verify who we are, except the client is 30 miles from the nearest city in a telephone black spot – and even WiFi calling (which has saved us on many occasions) does not seem to work well with SMS messages. Luckily we found there was an alternative which was to get an automated telephone call from america with a voice reading out number (and WiFi calling was required for this) so we could connect and get on with what we needed to do.

This just goes to show that we all have to accept security and make sure we have a Plan B at all times. 


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