Windows 8 Server

After a great evening with James Akrigg at Microsoft on Thursday I spent the weekend really pushing Windows 8 Server.

The test rig is an HP Microserver with 4x2Tb drives and 2Gb Ram. The Ram will get increased later – but I’m to lazy to open up the case again at the moment.

Issues we are testing: Windows Distribution Server

I want to test Windows 8 “To Go” and so I need to get the installations out from the ISO files.

Gotcha: You need to install the “Desktop Experience” in order to get Win8 to mount an ISO file.

Once the server is added to the domain and WDS installed we added the files from the Win8 Consumer and Server Previews. This gives us both 64 bit and 32 bit boot environments.

Next we need the AIK – so lets download 1.6Gb of the the kit. This is going to be installed directly on the server. Usually we would install this on another server, but as the server has a limited life (I would be surprised if it did not get reformatted in the next week) we are going to throw everything all on the same box.

Now the AIK was taking forever to download so I got bored and took the files from another machine.

So with a copy of ImageX in hand I go to the WDS console and Export the .wim file I want – in this case I call it Win2GoCP

imagex.exe /apply Win2GoCP.wim 1 g:

Give this about a week to install (it might be done before RTM on Win 8)

bcdboot.exe g:windows /s g: /f ALL

Now to test it.

The plan is to get rid of the ERD disks we use daily and start using “2Go” instead. Lets see how that goes shall we …

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