Windows 2008 RemoteApps

With Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Microsoft and simplified the ability to run a single application on a terminal server. This was previously available though locking down with group policies, but it is now very much a push direct to the end user. Once again Microsoft have shifted the way network administrators will use their applications.

We have found a number of good scenarios where this is great and here are some of them:

1) Monitoring networks where the management app lives on a server. So you can publish Syslog servers and single management consoles running directly on the server but able to run securly for the remote administrator. Now you might think that a more integrated approach of monitoring and reporting could be introduced which would side-step this, but there are times when you just need to check that the plumbing is all working.

2) Forget about alowing users to access full terminal server desktops and just allow them to use single apps. If you need to publish Sage you can keep it off you standard desktop build.

3) Cross domain access. We can now open up console sessions on servers with no trust realationship all on the same next work. It can get expensive on needing multiple monitors on the desk!! We can even open up outlook from multiple exchange servers and see both sides of email issues to allow us to troubleshoot much more quickly.

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