The New Normal

With 2 years of lockdowns, isolation and restarts the landscape is looking very different – or is it?

We have been busier than ever with new clients coming to us from across the country needing help to address those specific challenges that the ways of working have thrown up. Here are some of them:

Everyone is out of the office – all the time!

So traditional domains and servers will no longer cut it! Devices need to connect to something central which has 24/7 availability. Microsoft Office 365 is the ideal solution to this and allows staff to bring the office to the.

Where are my files?

With OneDrive and Outlook staff can access what they need wherever they are and one whatever device. With a little security configuration we can ensure their data remains private and confidential, just like in the office.

What about Help?

While people can no longer shout across the office for a quick answer we can provide a helpdesk for their technical issues. Whether it is changing their password or trying to share a document we can make sure that their configurations are appropriate and easy to manage.

What else do they need?

Recreating that traditional network of boxed products and utilities to fix each problem had been re-invented as we put in solutions to keep things running smoothly and consistently. As staff visibility decreases we can add tools on the back-end of the systems with no interaction required.

The solutions are all tried and tested, so please get in touch and let us help you to streamline your business!

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