Web Site Management

Managing your web presence is now a vital element for all organisations. For over 20 years we have been building web sites and handling all the associated infrastructure for clients. What we have seen over the years is that as each area has matured the costs and margins have shrunk, while the reliance has increased.

This has left us with a situation where you can put together a basic solution for very little physical cost, but the cost of changing at a later date can be very high and disruptive.

Web Hosting Scope

A full web hosting solution includes the following areas

  • Domain Names – where these live, registrations and renewals.
  • DNS – how the domain names are configured, how they can be changed, and how this is secured.
  • Web Hosting – shared or dedicated, this is your ‘shop windows’ for the world to see.
  • Security – management of SSL certificates and regulatory compliance needs to be constantly addressed.

It’s always DNS

This has been true ever since TCP/IP networks were first connected up. So it is important that everything is connected up correctly ad continuously monitored.

Depending on the scale of the solution required this can all be handled in one place or with a bespoke solution for each area. Sometimes all we need to do is coordinate the different sections and translate between organisational requirements and technology.