Managed Wireless Access

Managed Wireless Access

Our clients range from single users with a basic access point to multisite networks with central management and reporting. We can help you solve your wireless problems is a timely manner.


Understanding the physical layout of the site is very important. This has to take into account the network connectivity, interference, and the tasks required. Sometimes we find that people are relying on a wireless-only solution when some additional cabling reduces the load and improved performance.


If a site has good broadband or high internal demands then the latest technologies can be implemented for fast and secure access. If the connectivity is poor then lower powered units can be used to provide coverage with an option to upgrade later as the speeds available increase.

Speed Parings

  • ADSL – 10-20Mbps – at this speed Wireless N technology provides a good solution with range and stability for general use.
  • Fibre – 40-80 Mbps – with a faster connection you can now take advantage of the “AC” technologies to increase range and throughput. A consideration at this scale is how many users will be connected at the same time and then to choose the type of antennas accordingly.
  • Fast Fibre – 100-300 Mbps – once you have a fast connection then managing the traffic can be important. Users need to be able to take advantage of the fast speeds for specific tasks without impacting on other users.


For most solutions we can provide the hardware in an optimised state to make the management simpler and the solution more secure.

  • Firewall / Router – configured as required taking into account remote access, security and patching.
  • Wireless Controller – either cloud-based or on-site, depending on the requirement.
  • Indoor Access Points – wall/ceiling mounted or discreetly hidden.
  • Outdoor Access Points – rated for outdoor use we can setup a mesh of devices for the best possible range and security.