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Managing Expectations

Change in the IT web-connected world is constant and the best way to manage it is to have clearly defined strategies and processes in place so that the reaction to a change can be simple and have the minimum impact while achieving a defined outcome.

What does this mean in reality?

For each technology in your organisation we can map out the risks and implement an appropriate solution of the appropriate scale.

How does this work in practice?

  • The first step is to know what you have in place and who is responsible for each component.
  • After this we can simplify and streamline those components so that they are all visible and manageable, addressing any issues that come up.
  • With this groundwork complete, we can plan the details of the work required and schedule it to minimise the internal impact while keeping everything running smoothly.
  • Now that the changes can be implemented, we can make sure the organisation can manage that change in a straightforward manner.
  • After everything has been completed, we look back at the initial aims and update everyone on what has been changed. We update systems and records to confirm that everyone is happy with the outcome.

With this approach, we can easily work with a client to update and simplify systems as well as ensuring that the solutions in place are appropriate to the size and requirements or that organisation.

Managed Wireless Access

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Web Site Management

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Zoom Authorised Reseller

After a very busy few months enabling all out clients to use Zoom to keep in touch face-to-face we are please to announce that we are now Authorised Zoom Resellers. This means that not only can we talk you through all the licensing options from Pro to Business or Enterprise, but we can explain how …

Office 365 Branding

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