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Microsoft OVS-ES

Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller

Microsoft Open Value Subscription for Education Solutions (OVS-ES)


The Microsoft OVS-ES offering is the premier academic subscription offering that scales from the smallest to largest academic customers. Building on the School Agreements the OVS-ES allows for

  • Easy Compliance – licensing based on the number of staff rather than the previous method of counting devices.
  • Customised Solutions – with additional products either institution-wide (e.g. Office) or for a department or individual device (e.g. Multipoint Server)
  • Simplified Administration and Asset Management – reduced auditing over other programs.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership – flexibility to maximise the use while minimising the cost.
  • Cloud on Your Terms – access to Office 365 plans at either no cost or reduced cost.
  • Flexible Access – with the same benefits enjoyed by enterprise users to use software on multiple devices, Roaming Use Rights, Home Use Program and VDA to support BYOD.

Your school can run the licensed software during your one-year or three-year licensed period. You’re licensed for all software upgrades and downgrades during the licensed period. If you have a one-year subscription, your school can extend the temporary licenses each year with an extension order.

What do I need to do?

We can take you through setting up of the agreement, calculating the number of machines you are going to include, and then help you choose products required.

The products can include Operating Systems, Server products and Application.

Currently we are migrating a significant number of schools into the Open Value Subscription – Educational Subscription or OVS-ES. Contact us for more details.