Quality of Sales Staff

I happened to be at a big name retailer last weekend and overheard the salesman describing the difference between 2 laptop systems. One was a T5x series with 3Gb Ram and the other was a T8x series with 2Gb Ram. The sales guy was telling the customer how the machine with the larger ram was faster and therefore a better machine even though it was £100 cheaper. I had to interupt and point out that the two machines had different processors and that the more expensive system had better performance. The salesman contradicted me and repeated his mantra that “more RAM = faster”. When I asked him what the cache on the chips was the salesman looked blank. I started to explain how the speed of RAM on the CPU was the most important item when comparing chips.

I was good at this point and did not poach a customer, but the salesman had wandered off at this point. So lets make this simple:

T5500 – 1.8GHz 2Mb L2 Cache

T8100 – 2.1Ghz 3Mb L2 Cache

As you can see there’s a big difference in performance on the systems which explains the difference in price. Next time I see this happen I will hand over a business card.

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