How NOT to share your screen

We have just had a sales call from YELL and the guy was really pushing and adword campaign. He even did a remote session to show us what they could do for us.

Now remembering that we are an IT company and have been building web sites since about 1993 it was interesting that he offered us so little for so much. But his biggest mistake – when he finally got of the phone – was to leave his screen share running while he wrote up the call.

We watched as he went into SAP and entered the details of the call. He was rather detailed in that he thought we needed to spend at least £1000 to get any return on an “investment” and that we would probably be out of business soon. He added that he was going to send us a follow-up email but did not expect us to take up the offer – you think?

So when using remote tools remember not to INSULT the client while they are watching.

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