Free Tools for Lock-down

With our office still closed and remaining so for a few more weeks we thought it would be worth reminding people of the free tools that have been making our life easier when travel is blocked.

Quick Assist

Need to help your Dad sort his email password? Quick Assist is built into Windows 10 and allows quick and easy access from one machine to another. We have been using it to talk clients through installing out more sophisticated remote management tools – but we do really like it.

Zoom – What can we say!! According to the logs I have spent almost 2000 minutes on Zoom in May. From a quick one-to-one meeting about wireless surveys to a two hour long meeting with 160 people. The Free version is a great price and is ideal for small family chats. Just remember to always set a password and lock your chats as soon as everyone is in.

Expect more random post like this … and stay safe.

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