Dell at Tesco

It’s been a while now that you could buy Dell machines from Tescos and PC World and a lot has been said both for and against this. I must say that while doing my weekly shop I saw a rather interesting sight, a Dell box on Sale.

It seems that Tesco’s are having to come to terms with supply and demand of the budget Dell systems and how to shift them when they go out of date. In the same way that ready-meals and other products are knocked down when they are no longer fit for sale they discount the desktops.

It is tempting to go and pick up a bargin, but when you look at the system specifications it is still not a good deal at the very low prices. I feel sorry for the person who thinks they are getting a bargin on a box with a dual core and very little processor memory. Looking at the on-line web site half of the system listed are “discontinued” – which is no supprise.

With Dell’s consumer prices changing every week Tesco should just adopt the buying model of direct sales. I have lost count of the number of times that consumers have ordered a Dell only to see the same model advertised at £50 less in the press.

There are companies talking about having a special relationship with dell consumer products and special pricing, but this is not how Dell works. Dell know that if they sell through a 3rd party then they no longer have the same obligations to the end user. Unless you have an invoice from Dell then you have bought second-hand.

I have dealt with many situations over the last 10 years where systems have developed faults and the customer has not known where they stand. In particular the 90-day warranty that Dell offer is a piece of nonsense.

Business machines are different. We are proud of our Dell partnership and can advise on purchases and pricing. We act as official agents so that we are named on the invoices as well as the client. The question of pricing comes up all the time and we know that we can beat any on-line web pricing for business machines and servers. This gives us a few % of margin and allows us to cover our time it adding value to a deal. We can advise on all aspects and ensure that what is required is what we deliver.

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