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Remote Wireless Surveys

Whenever we install a wireless network we always do a survey first. In general the reason people need us is because the simple kit does not work, and the reason the simple kit does not work is because the site is not simple. In the last few weeks we have shipped out a number of …

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Working through a Crisis

With all IT projects there are constraints: CHEAP, FAST, GOOD – pick any TWO. During the last two weeks we have had to help a lot of clients in ways we might not normally do, but it is important to keep businesses functioning. A good example of this is remote access. There are lots of …

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Protected: Download Our Support Tools

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Goodbye XP

With this weeks patching we say good-bye to Windows XP. It seems like only yesterday when we got access to the early beta code and started downloading the discs over a dial-up connection. We have been asked by many clients about what they should do with their existing XP boxes and how to ensure they …

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Windows 8.1 Preview

Now that Microsoft have release a Preview of Windows 8.1 we have been installing it and evaluating it across a number of devices. The overall experience has been great and now we are eagerly anticipating the final launch. As a company who have been selling Windows 8 for a while (we sold our first machine …

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How NOT to share your screen

We have just had a sales call from YELL and the guy was really pushing and adword campaign. He even did a remote session to show us what they could do for us. Now remembering that we are an IT company and have been building web sites since about 1993 it was interesting that he …

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Managing through a Power Outage

On Friday night (13th) there was a localised powercut at about 11pm and we got to see if all the APC kit worked as intended. In our main server room we have a number of systems including Hyper-V Hosts and NAS devices. After first finding a candle I walked into the office heard that distinctive …

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SMB MVP Community Roadshow

We have been proud to assist in the organisation of the SMB MVP Roadshow which landed in Edinburgh this week. Taking over the Corn Exchange for the day we had about 50 IT professionals from as far as Aberdeen and Liverpool attending to give our visiting MVP’s a warm welcome. The tour now continues across Europe …

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The ‘Naked’ PC

There has been a lot of debate on the selling of computers with and without operating systems and I though I should give my opinion. Selling a computer as components is fine if the end user knows what he is doing and has FULL RETAIL copies of the software he is going to install on …

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Glasgow SBSC Event

Why would I drive to Glasgow to sit in a room and watch slides on a bright October afternoon? Well its because a fair number of Scottish Microsoft Small Business Specialists have gathered to get an update from microsoft on what is happening in the next few years. Currently Sven is presenting a session on …

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