We suDraytek 2860ac-smallpply, provision and maintain a range of Broadband offerings including:

  • PSTN Lines and line rental
Normal phone lines can be provided with a range of features either as primary home/business lines or as backups for alarm systems or to carry broadband offerings.
  • ADSL / ADSL+ both metered and unmetered
ADSL provides a steady broadband service and is great value for basic services. We can supply single or multiple fixed IP addresses as well as capped services with a top-up (really great for low use with the occasionally heavy user).
  • FTTC – 20mbps and faster

Fibre is available in a range of speed from the basic 20Mbps service all the way up to 80Mbps with an upload of 20Mbps. Again we can help you pick the best value offering for your situation and then appropriate router and security solution in front of it.