Broadband in Edinburgh

Broadband in the UK and in Edinburgh in particular is very variable. Some areas have multiple oftions of 4G and fibre, while other areas struggle to get ADSL. As the majority of Broadband is provisioned via BT Openreach there is plenty of scope for things to go wrong.
We have recently been involved with a new house build project and trying to order fibre on a phone line which does not yet exist poses some challenges.
With new builds and building sites where are lots of specific types of telecoms we often get asked to provide:
1) Line rental on lines which are call blocked except for emergencies – handy for a building site.
2) Monthly Broadband while a building is being developed without a long term contract.
3) Quick provisioning of Broadband for when you suddenly need to occupy the building.
4) Low cost provisioning, for when the building is unoccupied but you still need access to CCTV lines and for monitoring.
5) Backup lines – just in case someone cuts a wire and you need the service.
With careful planning we can ensure that one router can connect to 4G, FTTC or ADSL without any site visit or changes of settings. I wish could say that the days of driving 20 miles just to press a button are over, but then something else will pop up with an issue.

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