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Beta Testing

We often get asked about how we know about software before it is release and the answer is Beta testing. When software is almost ready to go on sale it is released to selected testers so we can install it, break it, and then feed back to the developers before the final copy is produced. …

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Office SP3

Microsoft have just released Service Pack 3 for Office 2003. Installation may take a while and will require a reboot, but be aware that the security settings have been changed. This may cause problems if you have customised you environment too much. 

PCA Confidence Assured

We have now signed up as Confidence Assured members of the Professional Computing Association. Why has it taken so long? Well I have been a personal member for a number of years, but felt that as a company it would be good to post our colours to the mast. As Confidence Assured members we are bound …

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Celerons on Vista – Just say NO!

I just had to write about this as a warning. There is a glut of machines on the market which really should be retired before they have even been deployed. Windows Vista, especially Home Premium, simply does not belong on an Intel Celeron based laptop. Why? Well it takes about 5 minutes to install Microsoft Office …

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Symantec Roadshow

Another week, another roadshow. This time Symantec will be enthralling us with the latest on their EndPoint Protection and the rest of the yellow box range. This is a regular chance for us to find out what the plans are for the next few years and what technologies whe need to be reading up on.

Netgear Roll into Town

On Thursday Netgear are holding a training day which our staff will be attending. This is one of those chances to take a day out of the office and see all the latest technologies and ask those awkward questions. In particular there will be a focus on the latest Wireless kit with mention of the …

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