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21 CN is Here

21 CN the 21st Century Networking from BT is finally here in Edinburgh, well the Waverley exchange anyway. The upgrade took place over a month ago and while most of our clients at that exchange were cutoff for 25 hours, they now have a faster and cheaper service. Looking back over ADSL in the last …

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Quality of Sales Staff

I happened to be at a big name retailer last weekend and overheard the salesman describing the difference between 2 laptop systems. One was a T5x series with 3Gb Ram and the other was a T8x series with 2Gb Ram. The sales guy was telling the customer how the machine with the larger ram was …

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Spare Parts and Upgrades

We carry a range of spares in stock and can get generic parts next day. If you are looking for specific parts then you can use the form below to see what is available. We also have access to the full ranges of parts from HP, Dell and APC and can advise on compatibility.

Windows 2008 RemoteApps

With Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Microsoft and simplified the ability to run a single application on a terminal server. This was previously available though locking down with group policies, but it is now very much a push direct to the end user. Once again Microsoft have shifted the way network administrators will use their …

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Vista SP1

Now its here we can all talk about Vista’s Service Pack 1. Having istalled it on a number of machines we have had no problems and are pleasantly supprised with the results. Machines are running faster and are more stable. Even those machines with driver problems are now running fine. So now it’s just a …

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January Events

January is looking very busy. We have our new office and showroom opening (once the painters re-appear) and then its a chance to put all the holiday planning into action. Is this going to be the year of the Home Server and the year that Vista goes mainstream? Probably. Once the back-to-work problems have all …

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Christmas Gadgets

With Christmas coming there is a rush on to get those must-have gadgets. This year the 2 main items we are supplying are Home Servers and eeePCs. The Home Servers are from HP and Tranquil PC, HP if you need storage in the Box, and Tranquil if you want silence and an unbelievably low power …

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The ‘Naked’ PC

There has been a lot of debate on the selling of computers with and without operating systems and I though I should give my opinion. Selling a computer as components is fine if the end user knows what he is doing and has FULL RETAIL copies of the software he is going to install on …

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Glasgow SBSC Event

Why would I drive to Glasgow to sit in a room and watch slides on a bright October afternoon? Well its because a fair number of Scottish Microsoft Small Business Specialists have gathered to get an update from microsoft on what is happening in the next few years. Currently Sven is presenting a session on …

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NetGear Training

Having spend 2 days training on the NetGear wireless course I must say how good it has been. Having had a good play with the kit and discussed all the technical issues the wireless world suddenly becomes a lot clearer. After 4 years of deploying and installing wireless kit you would have thought that everything …

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