Return to COVID-19

Openreach Visit Protocol – June 2020


If you require an Engineer visit then please prepare as follows:

  1. Please clear a path to the main telephone socket if you have one.
  2. Please wipe down any surfaces around the telephone socket which engineers may come into contact with.
  3. Please open any windows or doors if possible where the engineer will likely have to work.
    Please ensure that for these orders the contact is the end user to avoid any unnecessary delays or missed appointments.

When the order is placed you will be asked to confirm that you have watched this video. We can help with some of this, but other questions will have to be answered on the day:

On-Site Expectations:

  1. When an order is placed a link will be texted to a video with the above steps asking you to accept them pre-visit by texting back “Watched”. If the provided number is not a mobile, you will receive a call between 8am and 5pm ahead of the visit asking for confirmation the steps above are agreed.
  2. On the day of the visit, before arriving, the engineer will contact you asking a number of screening questions to identify if any circumstances have changed.
  3. If there is no contact with you the engineer will work outside and not complete the installation in the premises.
  4. If an engineer does needs to enter, please br aware that they may put on a mask and/or gloves.
  5. Please keep 2 metres social distancing from the engineer and if possible move to a different room.
  6. Once the engineer has finished working they will wipe down any surface they have touched before leaving. No work will be done past the main socket.

We will keep this updated as things progress.