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With the current medical situation affecting all our clients and their families we wanted to explain our strategy to deal with this.


Our office is now CLOSED to the public until further notice. We will continue to offer support during Office Hours or 24/7 as per clients contracts but request that no personal visits are made.


For all clients we have the option to add remote support to users laptops at home. This will enable us to assist as required and help get staff access to their data and communication tools.

Microsoft OneDrive and Teams

For all our clients using Microsoft Office 365 we hare working with them to fully utilise OneDrive and Teams. This allows for shared documents and video meetings from the isolation of your home/office.


We have been shipping out laptops for end users to use at home and small PC’s where desktops are preferred. Stock levels in the country are going down fast but we think we have most people covered.

Other Hints

If you or our family need support on Windows then using Quick Assist (Built in) will allow you to keep your mothers email flowing without having to visit.

Openreach Visit Protocol – June 2020

If you require an Engineer visit then please prepare as follows: Please clear a path to the main telephone socket if you have one. Please wipe down any surfaces around the telephone socket which engineers may come into contact with. Please open any windows or doors if possible where the engineer will likely have to …